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If you aren't feeling well, call us first! We are here to help by phone or in person.

Appointment Information

We are a walk-in clinic which means we do not schedule appointments. We want to respect your time by getting you in and out of your appointment quickly. To help your appointment go smoothly, please check-in when you arrive.  


Checking In at PCHC:

  • Arrive early: Please allow extra time to register if this is your first visit. If you need help with insurance coverage or billing arrangements, our knowledgeable team members can help you.

  • When you check in: You will be asked to verify your current address and telephone number. It is very important we have this information in case we need to contact you for follow-up medical information.  Please be sure to let us know if your address or telephone number has changed.

  • Please bring to all appointments: 

  1. Photo ID and insurance card: copies will be made for our records.

  2. A list of all current prescription medications, vitamins, supplements, and any other over the counter medications.

New patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the first visit.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Walk-In Appointments

Our goal is to provide patients with an appointment when they need it.  We have found having walk-in appointments works best for our patients. We do our best to be as efficient as we can without sacrificing quality of care. All we ask is a little patience while you are waiting during our busy times.  

Appointment details:

  • Walk-In appointments are available for your convenience. 

  • Same-day appointments with your primary care provider are always available. Simply, walk-in or call us!

  • We are happy to help.  If you have come in for a sick visit and aren't getting better within a week to 10 days, please call us!  We would like to see you again and help get back you to your old self. 


Payment is required at the time of service and may be made by cash, check, money order, VISA, Discover, or MasterCard. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and are enrolled with many different HMO and private insurance plans. Our Patient Accounts Representative will complete and file insurance claims on your behalf. You are responsible for any unpaid balance or non-covered services.


Sliding Fee Discount

We currently do not offer a discount program. However, we are working to apply for grants and create a Health Foundation to service patients who need financial assistance. The sliding fee discount will allow uninsured patients to pay for services according to ones income level and family size. Please ask to speak us how you can help us develop this program. 

Billing questions? Call 620-388-0462

Credit Card
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